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We created this website as a source for the people of Ada, and anyone who cares about what is happening with the redevelopment of our village. We want to hear the opinions of everyone with constructive input and ideas for the betterment of our community.

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March 18, 2015

The Ada Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is conducting an online survey within the Ada community and surrounding market area, related to implementing the Envision Ada Plan.

Ada residents and those in surrounding communities who spend time and have an interest in the Village are encouraged to complete the online survey.

The survey is part of a market study to evaluate demand and opportunities for new residential, commercial and public amenity development in the Village.  The study results will provide valuable information to the Township, local businesses and property owners in a collaborative effort to implement the Envision Ada Plan. A consulting firm, The Chesapeake Group, whose project portfolio includes similar work in upwards of 25 Michigan communities, has been retained to conduct the assessment.  Amway has contributed funds to pay for the consultant’s services.

To complete the survey, click on the link below.